Sunday, June 12, 2016

Ahhh poor severely neglected little blog.  I have had such high hopes and aspirations for this blog and how it would fit into my life.  So sadly here it sits, almost two years later and I am just getting back to writing once again.  There has never been a distinct direction for it, just my random mumblings when I felt the urge to get it out.  

As I am rapidly approaching my 40th (GULP!!) birthday, I have been taking more and more stock into what I have done with my years.  What are my accomplishments?  What am I most proud of? What can I look back on and say "well that was pretty cool."  And truth be told, there isn't more then what I can count on two hands.

I'm raising what I think are three great kids which I will count as a huge accomplishment seeing how a lot of kids are today.  I'm married, have the house with the two car garage (but no picket fence alas), two dogs, three cats, and the full time job that pays like crap, but that I love.  I've lived in some pretty cool places and traveled a good portion of this beautiful country of ours.  My friend base is spread across the country and varied, but yet intimate enough that I know I can count on any of them to help me out in a pickle.  But there is still something missing.

So here I go, trying to figure out that missing piece.  I can't promise that I'll be posting regularly cause we all know thats just going to be an empty promise :)  But I will post.   Just gotta get my groove back...