Tuesday, May 7, 2013

It doesn't always go as planned

So many times in the last week, life has been telling me to slow down.  I'd get frustrated every time I'd get stuck behind a slow driver or the drop off line at the kids school was being dumb or I would just miss that light and I'd go another direction.  Life kept trying to slow me down which last week and i'm thankful it did.  Had I gone about my normal way, I would have been the one that would have been hit by the hit and run driver four cars in front of me.  I'm not happy that someone else was hit, but I was so thankful that it was not us nor one of Gwen's close friends that it happened right in front of.  I tried my best to help out, but was still left with the thought of "I told you that you needed to slow down."  And so now I am listening.

Sometimes that means sitting down and writing out a super long email to someone you don't even know.  I had great plans of getting a bunch of painting work done today so I could finally post it and get it listed.  But I sat down, checked my email first and came across the daily blog update of Kate at Chasing Rainbows.  They've just recently lost their son Gavin and I've followed along as she has been grieving and planning his funeral and trying to put the pieces back in place.  Every word she has said has rung true with everything we went through with Maddie.  And today she posted that little piece of Hope for her family.  Just as I found out shortly after Maddie passed that I was pregnant with the twins, she has found out that she is pregnant with her own little miracle.  Today after I read her blog, I cried for her and felt that push that I had to reach out to her.  I'm not normally a comment on a blog person, let alone send them an email, but today I knew I had to.  I sent her a much longer email then I am sure she needed to read of what we went through and that if anything, I know what she's going through.

Now I don't know her personally and I don't know that any of you know her either, but it can't hurt to send just a small prayer out to them.  A prayer that project Hope is a happy healthy pregnancy for Kate.  A prayer that come December, that baby will be the most precious child.  A prayer for Peace and strength in what will still be hard times emotionally for them.  No one ever should have to know how it feels to bury their child.  But as someone who has, I ask that you send out any positive thoughts you can to their family. 

And now I get back to my regularly scheduled crazy life.  Hopefully on a slower pace, more island style then anything.