Monday, March 11, 2013

10 on 10

I've been seeing 10on10 around different blogs for awhile and I've always wanted to get one done, but then the 10th rolls by and I forget once again. Not this month though! Granted I did put it in my Cozi reminder, but still. It turned out to be a rainy, stay in the house all day kind of day, perfect for my craft closet (otherwise known as the Harry Potter) cleanup that I had been putting off. 

Nice quiet beginning to my morning.  Rain outside, hot cup of coffee and children sleeping in.  Doesn't get to be a much better Sunday morning then that.

Blueberry muffins for the little people and The Man, but not for me.  After eating way too much junk on Saturday, I need some clean eating and protein for my achy belly.

My roses loved all the extra rain that came yesterday.  The geckos not so much.  They all hid out on the front porch and the lanai.

I will never be able to hear this song and not think of some the boys who would play it non stop everytime Rock Band came out.

 We affectionately call the closet under our stairs the Harry Potter.  Its the one place I can keep all my craft supplies and its packed.  This is only about a quarter of whats all in there.  John came over, looked in and said "Its like wandering into the wardrobe in Narnia."   Why yes, yes it is!

This one did not want to let Mom get any work done.  He got new toys on Saturday and insisted that everybody needed to help him break them in.  Fortunately his Uncle loves him more then us and brought him over to play at their house with his fuzzy cousin.

Mom works, they play video games and stay in their jammies.  That's how rainy Sundays should be right?

Rainy Sundays also mean Mom makes soup for dinner.  This is stuffed pepper soup which I added too much rice to, so it ended up more stew like.  Still comfy and warming and perfect.

It doesn't happen every night, but we try to read at least one chapter of Harry every night.  And Chelsea sits and does my hair.  Everyone gets a good deal!

Long day+lots of lifting= Mom on the heating pad and tylenol before bed.  It sucks getting old!

So there is my 10 on 10.  Next month I just might pull out the real camera instead of just my phone and the iPad. 

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