Monday, June 11, 2012

A New Start .. maybe?

The whole point of my starting this blog was to keep family updated on our mild adventures and to be honest, I've sucked at it.  I have filled an entire hard drive with pictures alone but haven't posted anything on here in months.

So the kids and I made a deal.  They have to keep summer journals of all of the things we do each day and I have to blog.  Whether it be something as little as "did all my chores today and got my 30 minutes of reading done.  Yay me!"  or something like the adventure we went on Thursday up on the North Shore to see the turtles, they have to write it.  Now I'm not going to post a daily "Yay I vacuumed the carpets" each day cause really how exciting is that??  But with as many pictures as I take all the time, there should be something to post. 

And I also really need to rethink the blog design.  Its such a standard blogger format that I really want something that more reflects us as a family.  So I'll be working on that too hopefully over the next few weeks.

 I gave Gwen, my oldest daughter, my old 10D to get some pictures with and she didn't do too badly for her first time.  We kept it on auto, but shes wanting to learn how to pop into manual soon.

And the best part is, it's only the beginning of summer.  The kids have their Summer lists of what they'd like to do.  Can't wait to see how much we check off!

Till Next time!