Monday, September 24, 2012

I'll play it to death..

So beyond in love with this song.
That is all for now.  Carry on..

Saturday, June 16, 2012

The hardest part

In all of our years in the Navy, we have been blessed with so many good friends along the way. Some we have shared numerous duty stations with.  Others such a brief time it didn't even seem fair.  We cherish the times and memories we do have together in that time and try to pack as much in as we can.   Unfortuately 9 times out 10 we end up going opposite directions.  One to a shore job in the West, another to a boat in the south.  We all retire or get out at some point.  Our own retirement, while still two years away, feels like it is just around the corner.  Wonderful friendships are made though and everyone is woven into our military ohana.   

Moving onto our little lane here in Hawaii has been a wonderful experience for my babies.  They have made some of the best friends that they have ever had and have made some of the best memories with them.  But our time here is limited.  We all know at some point, we all have to move.  One of Colby's best friends transferred in March and yesterday both of the sisters had to say goodbye to their best friends who are also sisters.  With so many new technologies popping up everyday I can only hope that the promises of keeping in touch will be kept.

We were able to go spend some time down at the Hale Koa pool with our friends before they left.  Couldn't have planned a better day for some sun and water fun!

Around here, it's never goodbye.  It's always see you later!

Monday, June 11, 2012

A New Start .. maybe?

The whole point of my starting this blog was to keep family updated on our mild adventures and to be honest, I've sucked at it.  I have filled an entire hard drive with pictures alone but haven't posted anything on here in months.

So the kids and I made a deal.  They have to keep summer journals of all of the things we do each day and I have to blog.  Whether it be something as little as "did all my chores today and got my 30 minutes of reading done.  Yay me!"  or something like the adventure we went on Thursday up on the North Shore to see the turtles, they have to write it.  Now I'm not going to post a daily "Yay I vacuumed the carpets" each day cause really how exciting is that??  But with as many pictures as I take all the time, there should be something to post. 

And I also really need to rethink the blog design.  Its such a standard blogger format that I really want something that more reflects us as a family.  So I'll be working on that too hopefully over the next few weeks.

 I gave Gwen, my oldest daughter, my old 10D to get some pictures with and she didn't do too badly for her first time.  We kept it on auto, but shes wanting to learn how to pop into manual soon.

And the best part is, it's only the beginning of summer.  The kids have their Summer lists of what they'd like to do.  Can't wait to see how much we check off!

Till Next time!