Friday, September 9, 2011

One thing I've learned..

Growing up, I had friends who kept journals and diaries like it was going out of style.  Everything and anything that they did went into these notebooks and chronicled their every step of adolescence till adulthood.  I'm liking to bet most of them are still keeping up on them at a daily rate.  I was never one of those people though.

I would try.  I wanted to be able to remember certain events in my life, but I usually had pictures to go along with it.  Some events have stuck in my memory forever without written word or pictures.  Most I can look upon and smile, others not so much.  But I would grab my journal every so often to write something in and realize it had been months since my previous writing.  A life journalist I am not.  Keeping to a set format everyday, I cannot.  And that is why I have failed the 30 day challenge I believe.

While yes I do take a picture generally at least once a day (usually more), it wasn't necessarily what the "theme" of the day was.  It became a chore instead of something fun to do and thats not me.  Not to mention adding in the general busy days of life and camping thrown in over one of the weekends without a solid connection to the internet world.  It all equals to a recipe for disaster on a much smaller blog scale.  Not to mention its still the whole journaling process that we've already discussed that I suck at :)

So there is one of my downfalls, my flaws.  I would love to be a good blogger and hope to eventually get myself to that point, but we shall see.

What have I been up to?  Well the biggest right now is my hair.  I finally decided to give it the whole chopperoo.  It was getting way too long and unfortunately one of the side effects from my surgery is having the hair thin and get scraggly.  With as long as it was, it just looked bad and it really wasn't doing anything for me.  Here's the before:

After searching for weeks to find a hairstyle I liked I came across this pin on Pinterest:  I went to Kate's blog and found that I wasn't the only one in the world who loved her hair.  She was kind enough to post shots of her hair from all sides which was most useful in taking it to my stylist.  And my end result:

 I love love love it!!  Literally a pound of hair gone and its so much easier to deal with.  So thank you Kate posting that initial picture!

Well I am off to get some work done.  I have the Hickam craft fair coming up in November that I went and got a booth for to sell some of my sewing and jewelry items that I will post on here soon.