Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Morning Reminder

Sadly this a gentle reminder to myself this morning that I couldn't have coffee.  I had a doctors appointment that I had to fast for and so sniff sniff, no coffee for me!

Monday, March 8, 2010

New beginning!

So after having let this blog sit for oh so very long and after finally getting to watch Julie and Julia, I finally realized last night what I wanted to do with it.  What started out as wanting to chronicle what goes on with our lives on a day to day basis, I realized that life around here isn't always all that exciting.  Sad, but true.  I do take at least one picture a day though.  Whether it be with my baby, Steve's baby (which is on a lease to own program at the moment), the point and shoots or my cellphone, I take at least one pic a day.  This is also why my photo hard drive is 75% fuller then the rest of the drives.  But then they all sit, nothing being done with them.  Occasionally I will add some to facebook, but for the most part, they are only seen by my eyes.  Here's where the change comes.  Everyday for the next year (and most likely/hopefully longer), I am going to post my photo of the day.  Today we'll actually have two pictures:

This is the incredible sunset we had last night after all the rain.  The picture really does not do it justice.

And this is Gwendelyn after getting her award this morning for being respectful to her classmates.  She was so happy to be up there with everyone.
So now we'll see where this project goes.  I am horrible at finishing what I've started, but this is something I hope I will make to the finish line.  Wish me luck!!