Sunday, September 20, 2009

And so begins again..

It's really my own fault. I get these ideas in my head and one leads to another. Four hours later, I still find myself sitting at the computer, 15 tabs open in firefox with a different craft webpage/cooking site/who knows what open on each, and not a thing done in the house. It starts with one blog, which will lead to another and another and you get the idea. Well I've always been the crafty sort and love the country look, but out here in San Diego, there aren't too many places that cater to that sort of decor. It all began with one little burnt out candle bulb. I knew it had to be an easy thing to make so I google it. "How to make silicone dipped bulbs" and a whole new world open.

I learned how to make not only regular silicone dipped bulbs, but grungy scented ones too. I learned how to properly distress and grunge wood. Prim, country, shabby chic.. so much information it began to make my head spin. And in the end, it brings me back to this. My poor little lonely blog that I began when my babies were still relatively babies and just beginning their very short lived time at preschool before we moved to Washington State and there was no school for them.

We are now in San Diego and everyone is in school full time. Gwen just started fifth grade and is hopefully beginning to realize what an important year this is for her. She was accepted into the safety patrol and she's hoping to get to play flute, clarinet or possibly the viola again. The twins both started Kindergarten, each with a different teacher, but classrooms only seperated by a filing cabinet. I wondered how seperating them would go seeing as they have done nothing without the other for their entire lives. But it really has given them a chance to blossom into their own and make their own friends.

And Steve and I are still Steve and I. Working through the everyday, making sure everyone is happy and healthy. Steve's still on the San Fran (again!) and we're waiting very impatiently for our orders. We are hoping that Hawaii pulls through and praying that Virginia does not. So please keep your fingers crossed.

Well I am off and running. Kids just got home from school, so there are backpacks to go through and dinner to be planned. Hope this finds everyone well!!