Thursday, June 28, 2007

They got in!!!

A few weeks back I had taken the twins over to the school to have them tested for the preschool program that the system offers here. The classes are a combination of special needs kids and mainstream kids who are to act as mentors. The kids have to be at least 3 and potty trained so Colby technically would have been able to go last year, but it was after school started and I wasn't about to put him in and not Chelsea. Could you imagine the drama comin' outta her??

So anyways, they go in for the testing and both are accepted into the program, but there were so many kids picked that they were going to select who got in by lottery. The first lottery was going to be at the end of June and the second in August. So I was hopeful, but not banking on anything. Wednesday morning I get a call "Is this Colbys mom? This is Mrs. xyz from the school. His name was drawn in the lottery." I get all excited and shes telling me about which class he'll be in, what times etc and that she'll be sending me a letter with all the info of what I need to do etc etc. My heart goes up and then immediately realize she hasn't said anything about Chelsea. Now again, there is no way I could send Colby and not her. Her poor little three year old heart would be shattered. So I cautiously ask "Did Chelsea by any chance get pulled too?" She laughs and says "Oh thats right! They are twins. Yes she got pulled too." Now I am really doing the happy dance.

I get off the phone with her and all three of us start dancing around. Them, purely for the fact that they get to go to school. Me, for the fact that not only are they going to school, but for 2 1/2 hours a day I get time for me. I can do whatever I want without "Mommy I need this.." or "Mommy I need that..." or just plain "Mommy I need YOooooUUuuuu" I love my children to the very core of my soul, but I have been single by deployment Mommy for 10 months now and need the time to just gather myself. So if you see some strange lady dancing down the aisles of the commissary while pushing a normal cart (instead of the damn semi rocket ones), don't be alarmed, its just me.

Not much else to report right now. I was informed by my husband while they were in last port that I forgot to put pictures of Cooper and Ollie in here and I have yet to get pictures of either of them so that will have to wait. Enjoy a couple new ones of the kids and my flowers out front though:

Gwen and one of her closest friends Ellie the day before Ellie moved.

Oh no, can't tell that hes Steves child or anything :)

Next I will have him mowing the lawn lol

Sunday, June 17, 2007

The Beginning

Many of you will remember back almost 9 years ago when I started a webpage. Every few weeks I would update that webpage with pictures and stories of what was going on in our lives. Then it became expensive and difficult to keep up with. Then Maddie was born and I just didn't have the time. So there has been a gap of about 6 years of where we've lost and added, moved a few half dozen times, took vacations, said hello to new friends and goodbye to others and just lived life. We lost our precious Maddie girl on December 16, 2002 to SUDS. It was a terrible time in our lives, but in the end we really did rise from the ashes. It made us a stronger family unit and made us realize how fragile life is.

The twins, Chelsea and Colby made their grand appearance on my birthday, October 27, 2003. Maddie wasn't joking around when she special ordered these two for us. They are everything Maddie was and more. Her sweetness and gentleness, her spunk and spirit. Chelsea is a spitfire. This little girl is going to rule the world one day and have them in the palm of her hand. And while it drives us crazy sometimes, I love that she knows what she wants. Its not stubborness, its persistance. And then all of a sudden she turns with that smile and those eyes and even if you wanted to say no, you can't. The words will not come out of your mouth. She'll run at you full force, arms outstretched "HUUUUUUUUUUUUG" and kiss on the butt too lol. Forget trying to leave my house without hug and a kiss. I can't even take the trash out without getting one.

Colby is our gentle giant. Full of energy, enjoys every minute of life up until the minute he crashes asleep. Mr Go-with-the-flow. A comedian. But hes also very sensitive. His feelings get hurt very easily and Chelsea knows which buttons to push to get him spun up. Hes a lover and a snuggler and very much Daddy's boy. Doesn't help either that, other then my brown eyes, hes a spitting image of his Daddy. Daddy likes the Packers, Colby likes the Packers. Daddy likes tools, Colby likes tools. Daddy likes giving Mommy get the picture (which fills my daily kiss quota when Daddy is away). I couldn't have asked for a more perfect boy.

Gwen (and this is so hard for me to type) is 8 1/2 going on 30. Shes becoming such a beautiful young woman its amazing. I'm shocked and awed at how much she has changed from the little girl I once knew. My right hand girl, I don't know how I would have gotten through the last year without her help. I ask and shes there to help. Shes passionate about her hobbies and interests. You should see the amount of rocks this child has. She writes books and illustrates them. She paints her toenails better then I do. Shes a good kid and I don't tell her enough how much I appreciate her.

The rest of our family is rounded out with fur, feathers and fins. Cooper is now 7 and turning into my grey old man. Still gentle as ever and all the kids love him. He moves alot slower then he used to, but he still gets around. Tinkerbell is a 1 year old puggle who hasn't come into herself yet. Shes still so puppy, but yet has her moments of grown up dog. Sherman is our 7 month old Vosmaeri Eclectus parrot. He has a vocabulary of about 10 words, is trying to learn how to sing "I'm a little teapot" an can bawk like a chicken. Hes hysterical. Gwens taught him to flip over and they've bcome their own little act. Its cute. Ollie the cat is still Ollie. Very much your stereotypical cat. Gives affection when *she* wants to, eats alot, sleeps alot. Plays the lazy housecat role to a T. The only exercise she gets lately is when Tink decides its kitty chasing time or Sherman takes flight and lands either on her or next to her on the back of the couch. Then shes outta there. And we have about 6 fish to round out the group although they don't do much but entertain Ollie.

Steves out on deployment again (second time this year!), but after this one is done, we should have him home for a couple of years. We'll be moving out to Washington state in March and we're all ready to go on to our next adventure. Hes going to be going back to the San Francisco which he is very excited about. The system hes working on will help prevent more accidents like the San Fran had back in 2005. Hes looking forward to being home for awhile to spend some much needed time with all of us.

And I'm the same as always. Keeping my head above water, getting run ragged by children, taking my pictures. Things don't change much for me. Well thats not entirely true. For the first time in 17 years (without being pregnant) I have quit smoking. Its been 4 months so far and even with all the stress I've managed to stay quit.

I'm going to round out the post with some pictures of the kidlets and animals so you can all see how much they have grown. I hope to continually update this, so keep checking back for more pictures. I'm new to the blogger business, so I'm still working out the kinks and trying to figure stuff out, so bear with me. Here we go.....